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Since March of this year I have paid over $3,000 to get my engine serviced by Chrysler.The first event happened in late march when out of nowhere the Silver Eagle started steaming while on a trip to North Carolina.Themp guage was peged. Wehad the Eagle towed to Sherwood Chrysler in Salisburg MD. They said that if we had it there by 1 PM on Thursday we'd be back on the road by 5 pm.They lied. They didn't even start it to 10 AM on Friday. They replaced the Water pump and belts and the cover whick I found out was installed wrong. On that5 trip the antifree reserve bottle would collect the antifreeze but it wouldn't return to the raditor. After fooling with that problem I took the PT to a local Chrysler Dealer They did some sort of Antifreeze test and said that my Head gasket needed to be replaced. They wanted to charge me $1620.00 to replace the head gasket. I have a friend of mine who used to be a service Manager for a Local Chryler Leadership that Chrysler forced out of business a couple of years agolook at the PT .He said that he could do the job for $800.00 so I said ok and left the Eagle with him Later that week he called me to give me some bad news, Seems that the Dealership in aryland had put the plastic covers on incorrectlyand caused the Head to warp. They removed the head and they shop they sent it to said it was warped to much and needed to be replaced. So they reploaced it. Cost $600.00 I got the PT Back and The total cost was $1540.00 .I called Chrysler customer servive Dept. and they Said it was too bad but there was nothing that thewy cud do for me. The Silver Eagle is an Early Edition 2000 PT The mileage on it when I started having problems was 49,800 miles They said that it was troo old to help me. While this was going on our 2006 Convertible Broke down Seems it started to leak oil as fst as you'd pour it in out it came. Cheysler said that it needed a new Motor and said it would cost me over $5500. 00 to replace it. Luckicaly I had the bumper to bumper extended warrenty on it. It only cost me $50.00 They weren't happy.The PT only had 35,135 miles on it. I have three chrysler products in my drive way. But one by one I'm going to buy Fords or Chevorlet's.Ihad a bumper to bumper on the 2001 also but I never used it.

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Wow you have had some bad luck with Chrysler I have had a few problems but nothing like yours and Im with you this is our last one too Customer service is a bad joke Try to have a good day

Chrysler needs a recall on Water pumps and head gaskets and any other part related to this problem.

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