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 Well it's time to start over again with the new black PT. Got the first accessory last weekend. Now if it would just warm up a bit to install them.



And rollpan is on standby as the next item



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Just had my Eibach springs installed today and like the change in look and driving.  Have fun with the new project.
Just ordered a rollpan from Race and Stree
I will, but it might be a while yet before I get them on. I can afford the parts, but might have to do a bit more saving for paint and installation

I ordered it from Race and Street but got an email from them saying the ones they have were damaged, so I'll be getting one directly from PTeazer. Hope he doesn't take to long!!!


If you've seen my other pics I did have the rollpan on my other car


You're just down the road from some of my relatives. Got some in Basingstoke and Bournemouth. Love it down there, but haven't been over in years now.


Except I'm from CANADA!!!!! :-) Just a little north of those Americans! :-) I think it would be unique to have a right hand drive PT over here.

I went to Southampton once to see the Tall Ships years ago. Most of my relatives are in the north of Scotland so when I get over I don't often go down south

Put some carbon fiber vinyl on some of the interior parts. Trying to break up all that monotone grey in the 2010s



Also ordered the dual rear window cover from Race and Street. So now I'm ready to get everything installed.

Got the back Eibach springs on. Tomorrow it goes to the shop for the rollpan, back window cover and front Eibach springs


Got my PT back from the body shop. The front springs are on, the rollpan and rear window cover are all on now






Lookin' good.
Just take your time, do one thing at a time, dont rush and think out your master plan, that way you dont spend money on something and decide to change it later. We have had our PT's for 10 years and it took us a long time to get where we are, so dont get discouraged and do what you can when you can. It will be great!
looks great!

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