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Just wondering if any other members are on cardomain?

BBallAsh23... looking for more modding ideas on there!

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If you really want some great ideas for modding your PT try making it to the event in Dover, DE in May. Lots of nice PT's there.

And another great show near you in September in Williamsburg, VA.
Hey Ashley!

Yes... I am on CarDomain also... There are some nice PTs on that site.

Gordon is right... the event at Dover Air Base in May is a great place to see a lot of modifications in person. If you just want to view some cool PTs, here is a link for you also...

There are sooooooooooooo many ways to customize a PT, that it can be very hard to decide a 'theme' and how to take your PT down the 'modification road'. Have FUN!
Hey Ashley, I have been on cardomain for a long time great site to show off on and get alot Ideas from there is like 800 Pt 's on there. !
Hi Ashley,
I am also on
Lots of great ideas & great looking cruisers, too.

Cruise into History III in St Augustine is going to be a great showing of modified cruisers.
sure am. nevinsrt
We aren't but all you need to do is ask.Most of us have already been Cowboy's at that Rodeo.I would say try to go to major event such as the LWOC in Dover Delaware and look @ the PT's there.I saved alot of $$ by first looking before I leapt.It isn't like 2002 when there were many events that were sposored by Chrysler.In 2010 they hink our time has past and events are fewer but you have the advantage of tapping our brains and learning from our mistakes...Mike

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