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I have attached a picture of Doug for the Memorial page if you would like to use it. It was the weekend before he passed away at the Atlanta World of Wheels. I'm sure Sharon would be proud to have the Memorial page. Thanks, Beverly

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Thanks Beverly,
We were just talking about this in the chat room last night. The people that knew Doug still miss him. I really miss his posts especially when he and Old School went at it. Was a fun time. I hope Sharon will find this forum. Including a picture I have of the famous car. Mickey
You're so welcome. Doug and I were very close and I miss him so much everyday! I received an e-mail from Sharon the other day so we continue to be friends. Obviously this month is a rough one for her. I will make sure she gets the link to the website. Thanks, Mickey!!
Hi Beverly - Here's one - - - -

I think I have more. Will look.


Awesome! Thanks, Okie!!!

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