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Well I promised I would post pics after the car was painted so here are some before and after shots.

Before anyone starts nitpicking the photos or the details on the car. I just picked it up yesterday and wiped it down this morning. I know there are things I need to address such as detailing the window trim. I also am not much of a photographer. I just loaded all the photos so you all could see everthing I took.

Here is the before album:

Here is the After album:

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Looks great. When do the flames go on ??????? Are you going to be at Wildthang 9 this year? Car would look great on the Boardwalk.
GREAT JOB! That PT of yours is really LOW, that's for sure! Are you adding flames, as Chet mentioned? Which show will you debut the PT at? Looking GOOD!!!
No I won't be doing flames. I will probably end up doing some simple spiderweb pinstriping here and there and maybe a little airbrush. I will be at Autofair Sept.12 and of course Return to the Beach 10 in Oct.
Verrrry nice.
Good Golly Miss Molly! NICE PT.
Looks good Dwight !!!!
Looks good to me. I love the Frenched look. All you need is a set of Fender Skirt's
I know there are some of you that don't know what my car looked like when we bought it 3 years ago.

This the way it looked the first Return to the beach we went to. So, those that are hessitant about going to a show. Just make sure to clean the car well and be proud of what you have.

There are a couple more pics, including what the air ride setup looked like when we got her, here:
Really looks great

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