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What is the biggest PT Cruiser show that you have been to?
I did Young's Jersey Dairy 5TH PT Cruiser Car Show last July and I know they had more then 100 PT's from all over.

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The second Cruise the falls .That one was the biggest for us.
There have been several. The first one was Meet Me in St.Louis 2005 where there were close to 250 cars. The 2005 Return to the Beach also had a very large group. From then on the number's have been going down. Now a large PT show is 100-150 cars.
Been to several of the Return to the Beach cruises with 200+ cars
Cruise the Falls 4 was the first event we attended after purchasing our '03 in March of '04. We were overwhelmed at what we saw there and have loved every minute of PT-ing since.
We did Cruise the Falls 3 times,once there was over 600 pt's,have also done Cruise the Rockies with over 150 Cruisers.Gettysburg was also a great show.
Have done Cruz the Falls, USA twice. Great bunch of people, always make you feel welcome...and you get to hear Trisha sing the Canadian national anthem!
Watkins Glen is indeed a fun time. And so relaxing, as it is right at the southern tip of beautiful Seneca Lake!
September 2002 was the BIGGEST gathering of PTs for the first Chrysler PT Party in Gurney, Il and the 6 Flags park there. We had about 3200 PT's at the event.

The biggest Show still had to be all the Cruise the Falls shows. With everything being so new, it was just the beginning to a new way of life with our PT Cruiser Family. It has been and still is a GREAT Ride.

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