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For example that console is the same as mine.

The bottom where you see the rear wiper blade and the power outlet..

so it's like button... free space.. button... free space... outlet.

I pulled mine off because I thought both free spaces would be free so that I could make a new mount for my gps/phone.. but I saw on the "space" near the rear wiper button it has something connected to it.  I don't have a manual, so what is it?  Is it the piece that makes the very button power outlet work also known as the cig lighter plug?  You know the one near the cupholders.

I don't want to disconnect it ... and find out it is an air bag or something like that.

I was just going to drill holes into the "dummy plate" covers.. but I checked before doing so and saw something connected to it, so my project idea is on hold.

So what is it?  The first space closer to the driver side.

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Looking at the manual for my 01 on the left is the rear defroster, next is the rear wiper and if equipped the one just to the left of the power outlet is the traction control. But in my PT the rear wiper switch is right in the middle. Hope this helps.
Yes I know what the buttons are.

I mean where you see the plastic cover.

Between the rear defroster and the wiper button there is just a black box. But when you pull it apart there is something connected to it. I want to know what that is.

But I found a cupholder mount that will hold my device... So I'm not going to drill those two little black box cover areas to make my own. But it would be nice to know what it is... unless it is related to the wiper or defroster.. but both of those if I look behind that already have something plugged into it... so it's like why is this thing there. I guess I may have to take a picture when I get home to better describe it.

It's like it has something plugged in behind it .. but if you are looking at it.. you would assume it is just a blank space with a cover. Make sense?

Similar question is there, it is for traction control which apparently your model did not come with so I wouldn't worry about it.
Oooooo. I see.

Well I ordered a cupholder gps/cell phone holder thing. I will see if that meets my needs before I go making holes in my plate covers.


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