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Scored a Xenon Bruiser 4 piece kit today on one of the sites. Now I just have to plan a trip to the Philly area to pick it up. Hope it will all fit in my PT for transport.

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Well, I hit DC rush hour on both the way up and back. Parts are great, hope to put them on soon, but still waiting on the cash for the painting.

I know you'll have them on before the beach show. See you there.

Plan to put them on as soon as possible, just want to make sure i have it painted before the Beach.

Well, we are close to painting. Have spoken with my body/paint man and he is seeing when he can schedule it in. Am I excited? You bet!!! Also was able to score a really nice set of wheels and tires that I will pick up Saturday in Charlotte. Pics will come as I can post them.

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