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I have a new California Duster that leaves red lint all over my black pt. Outside of that it works good. I'v heard don't wash it , I'v heard leave it laying on news paper, I'v heard shake it. Can I please get some feed back on this before I trash it.

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Good morning  Ward . Im not sure what brand our duster is we picked it up at a show dont even remember witch one . But it is all Black and it has worked well for us know what you mean about Black cars they look great when they are clean but waht a job to keep them that way . So I dont know what to tell you can you return it for a refund . Good luck

Thanks.... I got mine from Cruiser Motor Sports. I'll give them a call and see what they say.

Good luck Ward with that . Keep that Black PT shinning

I have the California duster - I have also heard (and do not) to not wash it; my first one got wet so I just tossed it; to clean mine I just either bang it against my leg or hand; I just store it back in the bag it came in

i have had the same one for 6yrs ,i did not wash it the first year,but after that i  have washed it about once a year and it still works great like it did when i first got it

 Thanks to all of you for your input

Ward, Have you gotten the duster wet?  I do not think you should get them wet, perhaps from water droplets, or windshield washer fluid........Good Luck with the duster.......Larry Fritts

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