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PT Cruiser Network

 I got an E-Mail from Karen this morning asking if I heard about changes to the NING.COM networks, which is our hosting company.  I confirmed a message they put on their blog on April 16 announcing they were moving away from their free networks (like ours) and going to a full paid service.  They will announce further details on May 4.

I am not going to panic over this as I expected we would hit the maximum storage limit any time now.  Their rates to expand to a paid site were very reasonable.  I am hoping they will be similar when they make their announcement next month.  I'm not looking for any donations or dues.  We'll just wait for the plan details and see what happens.  One thing I do not intend to happen is for this network to shut down.


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Hey Terry... that's life. Everything changes and costs money eventually. Let us know what happens with this... and here's hoping whatever the fees are, we can all contribute to keep the site running. Would deleting photos from albums help with the storage issue? TAZ
Hey terry anything i can do let me know. robert
Let me know if I can help !
Please post the cost when it becomes available. I'll bet you'll receive lots of donations whether you want them or not. It's not fair for you to absorb the entire cost of the site, you already do enough running it. Chet
I am willing to help out to keep this site going.
I'll let everyone know when they put out the price structure. I'm hoping it is not much different than their current structure, which starts about $10/month.

Well, today is the big day for the new Ning rate structure to be announced. It looks good. We would fit in their "Ning Plus" plan for $19.95/month ($199.95/hear). That gives us the same disk space and bandwidth we have now, plus running our own ads, using our own domain, and some additional items that would have cost more previously.

The ability to run ads would help cover the hosting costs. :)

I'll be going over things in more detail and posting what I find out. The rates do not take effect until July and we would have a 30 day grace period to transition after that.

Hi Terry, Thanks for the update. Let me know what you need $$$$ wise. This site is too much fun to let this little fee thing stop it now! THANKS again for starting this site. I remember when I joined, I was the 12th member... how that has changed... there are 691 members as I write this! :-D
Let us know, I'm willing to help out

I'm in. Just let us know.
Hi Terry.This is one of the few places left for us old timers to meet and share news and ideas.You need donations I am in....God Bless.....Mike

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