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Long story short... t boned at an intersection.  I had the green... then I didn't notice the other guy running the light until he hit me.


I think I'm only alive because the car absorbed all of the hit...


I mean she doesn't look that bad... but since she is an 04...





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It really depends on how much they value the car (mileage,options, etc.) and what the total cost to repair is. If there is frame damage and the fact that it is an 04, it may be a write off.

get it checked out by a shop or someone that you trust. if you know anyone at the chrysler dealership near you they might be able to give a good idea of the damage and repair cost!

sorry for the ouch!

Glad to hear you're OK, but I kind of think it's a goner. Mine got hit in the back left corner, didn't look nearly as bad as yours and the body shop stopped looking for damage when they got to $14,000!!!!


Yoou can see the pictures of my car in My Photos section

Yeah... they totaled her...


:(  I guess I should be thankful she saved me... and that I was able to walk away... But sadly I don't think I'll be getting another PT.  I mean she was so loaded... platinum edition... it was like a one of a kind... I am hoping I get a minimum of like $10k for her...

So sorry about your mishap.  I hope your OK.

PT's are replaceable, lives are not!

Ashley... so very sorry to learn of your PT's untimely demise... but so very glad you were not seriously injured!  Here's hoping you can get a new PT and start the adventure all over again.
Sorry about the accident! Glad you are ok!  I heard that if air bags are deployed, the insurance company automatically declares the car totaled. Maybe that is only in this state (Virginia)? Otherwise, be sure to get the frame checked before committing to repairs.
Sorry to hear she didn't make it. You can get another PT and enjoy more happy memories and maybe  the next one will be a boy. Best of luck, let us know what you decide to do. PT's are affordable at least.

Yeah.... I'm going the vw beetle route.  I didn't want to spend more than 2500 on a replacement car.


So I'm going to keep the beetle for a while and then find me a nice convertible pt down the road... I still find myself reaching for the windows in the center dash console.. makes me miss her every time. :(


And I miss having 4 doors.. lol.

Well Ashley... if it's a retro Beetle you are talking about... those are nicely styled, plus you'll still be driving a 'retro' styled car.  Yeah... when I drive someone else's car, I go for the center of the dash to put the windows down... it's uncanny!  :-D


and Happy VW Cruisin' to you!

Hi Ashley.I hate to say it but it looks like she is totaled.The blessing in all this is you can get a replacement PT for not a great deal of money on the used market.Maybe even a upgrade like a GT.Let us know what developes.....Mike

Sorry to hear about your PT. We got in an accident when our PT was only 3 months old, back when the PT was brand new. There were no parts for 4 months since the car was to new. I had over $8,000 in damage, radiator, hood, computer, tire, front panels of driver side and more and they didnt total the car. They should have but they didnt. A 15 year old kid stole his sisters car and hit me head on. Thank goodness for the strength of the PT, I was ok... from the look of your car, you are lucky you are ok too. Good luck with what ever new car you get.

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