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My theme is Basset Hounds.  In memory of my late Flossie Belle, who passed away 3 yrs age from cancer.

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our theme is racing since thats what we like to do. :-)
Yep, when we started the pathway of "Rt66PT" in '03, never dreamed that Chrysler later would issue in '06 their own version. Oh well, ours will always be 'Lil Rt 66 to us first, LOL!!
My PT colour is "Surf Blue" so as of now, everything Blue... Smurfin' A!
Eventually I'll be going a Star Trek/space Theme.
Yes I have a theme my PT is the Bears, Coke, and Flags PT its a 02 red and I have added a mural on the hood red white and blue flames lots of chrome and the American Flag on though out the car. I have had a lot of fun with my car as kids family and folks love viewing it . I have shown it and have won many theme and mural trophys aver the years Its a great car to cruz in too
With trimmings in GOLD and a mural in back with a gold miner I have labeled by PT as "Flammin Gold". If you look closing at the flames you will see a "G" which I tell people it stands for "GOLD" but realistically it is the initial for my wife "Gloria."
The theme i try to stay close to is 50's / 60's HotRod. We are moveing to Reno Nv. soon and there is a guy there that is going to airbrush the carhop from American Graffiti on the continental kit and replace all the fake pinstriping on the back with the real thing to match the flames on the front. This is a project we have wanted done for a long time but there was no one close enough here to do it.
No Greater Love
We have and 03 Black cruiser and Julia has been collecting Penguins for a long time the house looks like the south pole and it is loaded with PENGUINS
My husband retired after 20 years from the Submarine Service. Our theme is 'Deep Sea PT'
Notice the speed is 30 miles per hour she does this everytime on our street going home when she can.

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