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For a long time now my 06 convertible has had something like a miss fire while at Idle. When I'm sitting at a light the motor idles just fine then  all of a sudden it jumps or something .It feels like it going to shut off but it doesn't..Then a couple of days ago I was driving through a parking lot when I looked down and saw my fuel gauge go from full to emp ty and back to full. The motor was running, but the dash cluster light up. any Ideas what's going on.?It just turned 50,000 miles yesterday.

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The dash light problem has been fixed, it was an ignition switch problem. something was broken in side the box ,only now my chimes won't work when I open the door with the key in it. Thank god, I hate those chimes.

Individually, each one of those symptoms could be something different.

Did you do the "key dance" and get any error codes?  (see you users manual)

But, the first thing that I would check would be the battery cables/connectors...especially the negative.

Have you ever put new plugs & wires in the 2006?  The OEM ones a pretty poor.

On my 2006, I had to have one of the battery cables reattached witha new connector.

(Are the terminals corroded?)

Sorry!  I didn't see you second post.

All the locking and chiming features can be changed.

See you manual.

The 06 body has 50,000 miles on it, but the motor was replaced at 36,000 miles every thing on it was new. Chrysler used a crate engine.. The original motor had a major oil leak ,Front main bearing went.,  wiped out everything was covered by the extended warranty. This motor runs a lot better except for little miss that no one can find.

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