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Hey Guys,

I noticed that my splash guard on the passenger side is hanging down extremely low.  I believe the 2 screws fell out.  Since I was going on vacation I temporarily duct taped it up there, since I can't really crawl under my car and reach the problematic area.  Upon arrival of destination it fell back down.  I'm thinking the plastic has been warped from the heat and such and the screws are gone.|0&VN=+4294966744+4294964071+4294967179&Nr=AND%28universal:0%29&sv=0

I found this site to have one. 

How important is it? And how difficult is it to install?  I have no way to jack my car up or right it up ramps due to the front bumper being so low.  I probably have at most an inch between the part hanging down and the road.

I'm trying to find some installation do it yourself advice but I can't find anything at the moment.


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PT Crew .com can explain this for you a whole lot better.

The only ramps that I know of that work well with the PT are Rhino Ramps, available at Pep Boys and I think WalMart for about $20 to $50. Having said that, if you can get under your vehicle front end, I believe the splash guard is only screwed on. As I understand it is important because it diverts air to the radiator, and AC cooler area. If you remove it your PT "may" overheat. Scott and Vickie are correct, will have tons of information on this, but you may have to register in order to see all of the threads and advice.

Was able to get it back up. Added a washer with the screw!

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