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Hello, I am new and I should have probably searched... but what are the odds of someone having the same model and the problem acting this goofy.

Ok the oil was changed around 48K miles.

Car just clicked over 50K today.

So about 1K after the oil change date... well first of all 3 miles down the road after the oil change the check engine light was on... took it back.. they said it was because they checked my power steering fluids and they reset the code and it hasn't come back on.

So fast forward to around mileage 49720ish maybe I don't remember.

I do know I just got back for a 600+ mile trip. The next day it was cold... 35*F maybe and the oil lamp came on. I checked it... has more than enough oil... so I went on driving.

Next day it does it again... so i turn the car on and off and this clears the light from coming on.

So out of a 7 day week it did it 5 times. The 2 days it failed to have the oil lamp light on was on warm days. Like 45*F+.

So then I found the way to pull the code up... 522 it displays = oil pressure sensors problems.

So most of my research has led me to believe the oil pressure switch should be replaced.

BUT before I order a new switch and find out this isn't the case... any one else go through this??

Oh and I should mention I measured the oil with dipstick before starting the car and it is still overflowing with oil... oil is all over the dip stick... even after wiping it and re-dipping and taking the measurement...

2004 turbo limited...

Now before you ask me why didn't I take it somewhere? I haven't had a chance to... and since turning the car on and off cleared the light... I didn't think it was very important. My car doesn't sound like it is going to clunk out or blow up... so I don't see the point in getting ripped off at a mechanic now. And I have a friend mechanic who is also researching the problem... he is agreeing with it being the switch... But I am just looking for any other options as to why it only does it when it is COLD out.

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So I was looking under my car because I got the new switch part.

I can't drive it up the ramps because of the front being so low to the ground... And I couldn't get it jacked up.

But when I was looking under it was very very oily... So I am thinking it is more than the switch.

I will see what they say this coming Saturday when it is finally scheduled to go to the mechanic!

There is seepage around my switch. They are replacing that.

Also I have a bad wheel bearing that is practically gone, so they are fixing that... explains the humming noise.

And apparently two other things on each side of the front have to come out and be replaced... might be my tie rods or something? I forget what he said... but it's all going to be fixed tomorrow and things will be better!

I hope that is all that is wrong with my precious.

So the light is coming on again. Same error code. Comes on a lot more frequently now. Called the dealer, said they would look at it tomorrow... it better be the faulty sensor switch... But I'm thinking they will try to get me to replace the darn pump... and I don't think I will do that... not through them at least. Ugh. Stupid car.

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