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Cam shaft position sensor!  (according to google)


This is what happened...


Few months ago (december) I went out of town and my mechanic was going to do the standard oil change... well the battery was dead and wouldn't take a charge so that was replaced...  Now it seems intermittenly the radio display would flash on and off (rest of dash lights worked fine, no flashing remained solid) then it wouldn't start the radio when I started the car... So I researched that and apparently if the key isn't in the ignition all the way it can interfere with the radio (seems true, radio hasn't gone out since I've been making sure key is in all the way)


Well today I ran the car on the highway (belts chirping along, been that way for a couple months now (trying to wait until 75k to replace)  it's an 04 with 71k miles... get to destination... go back to car everything is good... get to a place to eat... still good... go back to head home on backroads, notice its chirping at lower speeds now... so i drop my friend off at her place... cars off for maybe 10 mins after running for a good half hour... well i start the car check engine is on... i'm like grrr.


So I popped the hood thinking its the oil again since its had that oil pressure switch replaced 3 times now... well oil level is fine... so I go to start it again, doesn't want to crank... at this point I do that code check thing... 340 pops up... so I googled it and see cam shaft position thing... I'm like uhhh ok??  So give it 5 more mins and start it up it starts, check engine still on... so I'm like ok gotta get home... so the belts really chirping now... like not even hitting 40mph.  So then I noticed when I hit the brake lightly then went back to the gas pedal it would like hump along... so I get to a red light... then it turns green and its a slight incline (car is an automatic) its like barely able to get enough gas to go up a little incline.. so it's inching / humping along wanting to just cut off at and second... got it back to my driveway and haven't started it since.


SO...... anyone else had this happen?  Could it be the new battery being a pos?  I know the belts probably due, i'm seeing on that pt cruiser forums that the belts can throw this code...


I haven't attempted to disconnect battery and see if that clears it due to the fact that its wanting to stall when I drive the car...


So... discuss please!


2004 turbo limited edition, its been maintained... automatic... 71k miles.



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You may want to also post this problem over on PT Crew. They get into serious PT problems on that site.

Good luck.


Thanks... posted it over there... now I'm reading it could be the alternator.  Oh joy...


I went out this morning to start it and it did after hesitating for a good 30 seconds. :/


Code and CEL still present though...

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