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Wow, what a great parade they put on.  My wife and I would have never thought they would have so much in it.  So after watching new Mustangs (8), Smart 4 twos(12), Model T's(6), Miata's(6), and old Beetles(2) drive by, I thought, "What!, No PT's?"  So guys what would it take to get PT's into this parade next year.  Is anyone interested? 


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Hey Derril . Sounds like fun but up here we put the PT to bed by the first of November . But I like the idea do you know when it is next year mite have to keep the PT out just a little longer next year . Has long as the snow is not to deep or we could just come down and hang out . Keep us in the loop Thanks

Sounds good let see how many wants to do it !


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