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Morning out there to every one who passes by.

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Hey Bob How are you . Have not heard from you in a while . Im just kind of getting back on my feet after knee surgery . Yeah pretty quiet out their not many people talking any more where have they all gone . Well first time out I just came back in from sitting out . PT is away for the winter hated to do it but when you cant drive no use having two cars on the road . Looking a going some where next year for awhile not sure need to check out some spring shows getting hard to find up this way so it is a road trip to go to any . Well time for a pain pill lets do coffee one of theses days

Hi Bob, Are we going to see you in Hell tomorrow? A little cold but, that's OK. Gary

Hi Bob, Good to see you in Hell again. Let's not wait so long to get together, if you come up with something in the spring we might even come to Canada. Gary
Bob said:

Will do Gary I have put my PT away for the winter now and and just waiting for spring . I will keep in touch this winter take care Gary.

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