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Wishing you a GREAT day and hope you have fun for your birthday. I wish I was there to CELEBRATE!! I could chaperone, bwahhahahaa!

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Happy Birthday Rhonda.
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day!
Happy Birthday Rhonda!
Happy Birthday Kiddo and You don't need no Texas "Not so Angel" as a Chaperone!!

Did I really say that?.......................................YES I DID

Hope you had a great Birthday and may you have many more.
May this Birthday be one of your best......Happy Birthday
Hope you had a GREAT Birthday!
Happy birthday, Sugar Pie!
Happy Brithday - sorry it s a little late. I would help Retro chaperone!!!!!!! But then we may need chaperones for the chaperones.......
Sorry I am late but Happy Birthday from Ca. Would love to do Bama again somethime in the future. Sure had a fun time in 2007.
A BIG Happy Birthday Rhonda you Hip Cat kinda girl you!!! Sorry I'm late, I've had my nose in this place learning how to do stuf!!! Hope it was a good one! Sincerely, the New Mexico Reject Lanette
Whats this New Mexico reject Crappolla?? LOL

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