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We are considering getting rid of our PT Cruiser Touring convertible.
It is a 2005 with 31,500 miles on it.
We bought it new and it has been garaged its whole life. It looks the same as when we drove it off the lot. The only repair was to rebuild the automatic transmission.
It is the Maroon color with a black top and seats.
I have all the maintenance records that show that we changed the oil and filter every 3,000 miles.
It has to be in the top 100 in the country as far as appearance and mileage.
It is the turbo that does not need premium gas.
We don’t want to let the grandkids get it because we want someone to care for it like we have.
Roger Bickel
St. Charles, Mo.

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Look it up here on Kelly Blue Book.

ptgeebee - Gordon said:

Look it up here on Kelly Blue Book.

I sold it.

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