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I am a new member of the E.TN PT Cruising Club, driving a 2002 PT Cruiser.
I need to replace my timing belt and water pump as a preventative measure. The current timing belt has over 100,000 miles on it. The least expensive quote I have had for this job is $850.00. Does anyone have a reliable, trustworthy, mechanic that could do it for less?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Karen Rehring
Spring City, TN

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Hey Karen. That doesn't sound like to bad a price for both the belt and water pump. I paid $800 awhile back just for the water pump at the dealer. Maybe Scott also from Spring City knows of someone locally.
Karen I don't know how much but MANLEYS up from the Dollar store does mine for years. They have a Mopar Mech. check with them.
Hey Karen,   My PT just rolled over 100,000 miles yesterday.  I have to replace the timing belt, too.  I heard the timing belt alone is 600 dollars.  I guess I should start getting prices now.
those prices are really high, i usually get my own parts, and i have a small gas station that works on cars did my wifes and the guy only charged 180.00 in labor to do the T-belt and is about 350.00..(incl parts)  
I need to do mine as well, my current mileage is 199K. PEPBOYS (where I work) is $755.

Hi Karen make sure they replace the tensioners as well while its apart

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