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I have seen a few Cruisers on here with the IPCW LED Taillights...and I always seen them on Ebay...and I want a pair...but I wanted to know for the ppl who have these...are they straight up plug n play... meaning you just install them and they work perfectly without hyper flashing....or do you have to install load resistors on them to prevent the hyper flashing and have full brightness and correct operation???!!! Any help is welcome!!! The picture I attached are the ones I want from off eBay!!!

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Have them on my 01 and you do have to change the pigtail that should come with them. Easy swap and they work great. Got mine from Maggie at Race & Street. When I had some led's go out after a few years on one Maggie was able to get me warranty on them for manufacture. Might want to be careful who you buy them from if there is any future problems.


AWESOOOME.....GREAT NEWS!!! Thanks a lot Gordon... have u ever thought about changing the high mount brake light to and LED brake light bar ???!!! I seen the LED bar brake light on ebay and seems that a lot of ppl who get them are pleased... they look great too...I'm hopin its easy wiring and no soldering needed...seeing that I dont have a soldering tool, lol!!! I'll definitely look to to see what Maggie's have...a lot of ppl recommended me to that I'm guessing it's ALL THAT, lololol forreal!!! ;)

I have them and I love them . If you buy them order them from Maggie from Race and Street

I've had LEDS on two of my Cruisers....plug & Play with no problems.

Yes! Check out Race& first.

IPCW on the Couture

Bermuda Blacks on the Black Sheep

Joy has them on her 05 GT Convertible, plug and play, so far no issues...agree Maggie is the best.  Fred and Joy C.

I've had them on my T Cruiser for about 5 years now, they are connected with the standard plug from your old tail lites. I now have 2 or 3 (red tail lite part) led's that have bit the dust and was informed they were not repairable so I have to live with that but most of them still are bright. Great addition, buy them you won't be sorry. I got the ones with amber turn signal and people behind you definitely know your turning.

yep got them several months ago... and they are still looking great and lighting up the road...Thanks Guys!!!

I got mine from Maggie at

I put them on both the 2006 and the 2010.

Simple plug and play on my Gen 2s!

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