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I'm intrested in buying a small trailer to tow behind my PT so I can store my camping gear. Any ideas? Bones (Ray)

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We have had a Champion Luggage Trailer for three years and have had it from Niagara Falls to Myrtle Beach and everywhere in between and love it. Comes as a kit, shipped in a crate with tongue and axle inside. It is gel coated, ready for paint and you put your own tailight choice on.......
Thanks for the info. My son just got transfered to the AFB in Bossier City, outside of Shreveport, LA. I will have to check it out if we go down this summer! Ray
try I have one for sale $1600 takes it. If interested send me an e-mail and I'll send you picture's of it It comes with a large alumn. box on the front and a real spare tire. Chrome round LED tail lights.
check out, i pull one behind my goldwing
Mine is a motorcycle trailor from Bushtec.
You can try one of my new Trailers Let me know what you think.

Ray Gilbert
Ray, what is the cost for one of these? Bones
I'm curious too. What is the cost of one of those?

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