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I am thinking of Installing New front seats in my 06 Convertible.  I can find several online but I would like to try them out first.  Does anybody know of a Recarro or Corbeau (or other after market seat) distributor in the Southeast?  Has anyone else installed aftermarket seats?  Any recommendation?

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The most I have seen is complete redo's by Mr. Mike out of FL. Here is the link to his site.

Thanks for the link.  I have just about decided not to look for aftermarket seats just get the OEMs reupholstered. 


The problem I have with that is the headrest.  As you know the 06 and above have the vinyl headrest with a hole in the middle.  Mr Mike's does not address how to cover them or change color to match new upholstery. 

Have you or anyone else seen a DIY link on how to do this? 


Will the older style headrest fit on the new style seats?

Tony I had this guy a local from Dayton Tn do my seats in new recycle leather and he dyed the headrest to match seats.

Thanks for input.  They look great.  I have been talking with a local guy and also looking at leather seats out of Oklahoma.  The seats from Oklahoma look real good but I don't know if I have time and patients for install.  I will probably go with local guy.


I am leaning toward faux leather because of price - $750 versus $1300-1500 for real leather.  What was the name of the recycled leather product you used?


The local guy doesn't dye headrest.  So I ordered and older set of headrest that he can upholster.  I read on another forum that the earlier model headrest will fit on the newer seat - I hope that is true.  I will no in a couple of days when they arrive.

Tony just got back on after vac. and to let you know about the Leather I will find out from my guy. Also he installed them with that price he gave me . I will find out for sure maybe a price.

i have in stalled different after market seats and you doin't know what you got until go thru the process.i tried different seats fron jegs/ summit in my 1938 chevy.what i see in the antic cars are seats bought frome cares from wrecking yards. the look much better than my after market seats and probaly easer to install and mount.ltds /carmos other cars have some beautiful and comfornt,also you can sit in them. but doin't buy online ,go to your local wrecking yard and look and try them for comfornt and condition.i bougt some on line out of flordia and wound up throwing them in the trash.any jeg/summit will allow you to return if you haven't damage them.good luck jimmyn

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