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Ok, now that I have new wheels it is time to think about lowering the car. First thing is to wait until the warranty runs out, maybe! I would like to hear from anyone who has done this. How much trouble it was, were you happy with the brand used to lower it, and the good and the bad. Also, would you do it again or wished that you never did it to begin with.

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I have KW adjustable coil overs on my car. I've never had a problem with them that wasn't my own doing. Once I lowered the rear too much (I even had the bump pads cut in half to get it lower) The tires were scraping on just about every small bump in the road. Didn't take too long to raise it again after that. I would probably do it all over again because I like the look of less wheel well gap, only this time not lower it so drastically. Air bags are easier and faster to adjust but I've never met anyone who's been completely satisfied with them because of leakage or mechanical problems. Good luck with whatever you choose.

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