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PT Cruiser Network

We were 32' and snowy this AM, now it's warmer but we will have a hard freeze tonight. I'm wondering what the forecast is in the Martinsville area? Sure they say it's gonna be rainy, but I know how THAT is. Hoping never hurts and hope the race goes on!

What's the predictions?!? Will Shrub dominate the first half again and meander into the 2nd half of the season and fall off?? I'm hoping Jr. will bring something to the tabel this year...I know he has TONS of obligations and TONS of reasons not to get hurt, but's been a lonnnnng time.

I just hope they have a good race and the fact that Little Busch has been running that way, I say hooray and I have to say that's a good thing. Have a good weekend everyone!

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