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I have a 2001 with 85 thousand miles..What year is your ride and whats your mileage?

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I have a 2002 with just under 76,000 miles, So you're doing real good.
Mine is a 2001 with 170,000 miles on her Bluz Cruz but you should know that from
2001 LE with 51,500 miles on it. It's just my toy.
I've got an '01' with 135,000 miles on it, built in Apr 2000 and still love hearing it start up. Was getting 24 mpg, then ran a 2" dia. hose from the drivers side opening next to the fog light up to the air filter and the mileage went to 27 mpg. Checked the difference on 2 separate trips through Ohio (flat) to the 'BAMA' picnics. Same speed at 75 mph.
I have a 2007 Touring Edition. It just turned 30,000. It's a daily drive and our car of choice for road trips.

As of July 2008 -

Just about 212K now. Another 26K or so and I reach the moon!!!

2001 Touring. Took delvery in Feb 01. My DD as you can tell.
My Prowler is a 2001 model, I bought it new in March '02. It now has a whopping 10,500 miles on it.
We have a 2002 LE and turned over 90,770 klms today as I had it serviced.
I have an early edition 2001 with 42,000 miles on it.
My '01 has a shade under 218,000 (s)miles on it.
Darryl Gumz said:
My '01 has a shade under 218,000 (s)miles on it.
That PT is amazing and the only problem you've had was the emergency brake. LOL but it wasn't funny at the time.
i have a 2006 and i am at 60000 miles and still running smooth

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