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I have a 2004 PTC with a 5 speed manual. I have owned nothing but manual transmissions for the past 15 years. I just added a cold air intake yesterday and I love the sound when I hit second/third gear. I want to add a deep/throaty rumble. I was thinking of a Flowmaster 40 Series but wanted to know what everyone else thought.

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Be Careful when considering dual exhaust systems.I noted that the interior noise level can get quite bothersome either having to blast the stereo or shout over the noise to carry on a conversation.....God Bless....Mike
Great muffler and not ricey at all. Lowers the tone dramatically. It WILL drone you out on long road trips.
Thanks for the info everyone! If anyone has anymore suggestions I would greatly appreciate them!
I installed Basani Dual Exhausts about 6 years ago and have no trouble with them. They come with baffles installed at the tips which are removable to give you even a little more sound. I've always left mine in and like the sound of them. I got mine from Maggie at She'll treat you good.

Good luck with it,

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