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I washed my car yesterday. The family and I were taking a trip to PA so I wanted to show off the PT. Well I washed the Cruiser in a automatic carwash, just to get the big stuff off. I get back to get into the details when I notice this HUGE swatch of paint on my front bumper! It seems that someone came a little too close while pulling in or backing out next to me! My car isn't perfect but I was always pretty proud of how I took care of the exterior. To have someone care so little just burned my A$$! Well, it looks like I'm looking at some paint time now, thank God a friend has a paint booth on his farm (he restores John Deere Tractors). So for anyone else this has happened to I TOTALLY feel your pain! -Chas

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Any chance you can get it to come off with rubbing compound or paint thinner.
The paint might come off, but it actually broke through the paint to the plastic underneath.
An automatic car wash!!!!! Shame on you. I've hand washed mine ever since I got it, over 8 years ago. I'd rather send the wife thru a car wash than my cruiser. Post a picture of the damage and good luck with the repairs.
I know Chet. While I wouldn't send my wife through the carwash I got mine used and it was really bad off already. I've been correcting a lot over the past two years. It no longer has the swirls it had when I bought it. I'm also thinking of doing a two tone paint job but was only planning on doing black on top. It looks like I might have to rethink that! The pics will come later, once I get some time when it's not raining and I'm not working.
I've had to run mine through an automatic wash a couple of times this winter. When it's dark when you get home from work and cold/raining every weekend, you have to do something. Finally got to wash and wax it on Saturday. The birds found it Sunday. It stormed all night Sunday night and Monday morning. The birds found it again this afternoon. That's bad enough, but finding someone else's paint on the bumper is about as bad as it gets! Hope you are able to get it back better than before real soon.
hahaha, i know how you can get a free paintjob, as long as you got full coverage. Key it up, lol. Never done it, but I heard it works. Hope your insurnce doesn't go up though!
Not sure I'm ready to go keying my car. Partly because I don't think I could bring myself to it! And I'd rather not get hit with Insurance Fraud! If anyone was going to get caught it would be me.
Do you have a painted bumper. If so, maybe you can remove the new paint safely with out scratching what's under it. I use some scouring Powder on a wet towel ,rub it jently and it should come off with out hurting the paint. Unless it's already into the original paint.
Had someone back into mine and leave so I feel your pain. Although I am accustomed to the few minor defect in the repair, I still get irritated that the culprit did not have the guts to admit and leave a note. They will get theirs.

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