PT Cruiser Network

PT Cruiser Network

One year ago today, Dec 10, the PT Cruiser Network went online! I can't believe it's been a year already!


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happy birthday pt cruiser network. hope for many more.
Nice job Terry. Congrats on starting and maintaining a great site for us PT'ers.

This have been a great site for us PT'er. Thanks again Terry for making this work.
I just found this site. It looks good! Keep it online! :-)

to the PT Cruiser Network! ... and a
BIG "THANK YOU" to Terry for establishing it for all us PT'ers!
Here's to many more years of fun to come!

Hi Terry,
How are you? It has been a year already. I remember when we were just talking about doing this. Somehow you figured it out. I have met some really great people on this site. I finally found someone on here in Iowa so when the weather gets better, I will have a club to belong to. I am looking forward to spring and meeting new friends. Take care, Mickey
Wow, And you have over 500 member's so far.
Happy Brithday PT Cruiser Network.! Has been a great site for PT Cruisers1
Hi Terry, We'd like to thank you for forming this "support group" for all of us. So, Happy Birthday PTCN!!!! Time flies when you're having fun. Gary & Kathy
Terry, I want to say Thank You for this is GREAT........HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PTCN
Hey Terry.Congrats on the first year.All of us PTCC refugees found a soft place to land thanks to you.The great thing is that you have proven to the world that all of us Cruisers,although a little older,are ready to roll to the next event....Merry Christmas......Mike and Ginny

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