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Congratulations to our new Alabama Director, Terry Raymond. Great choice! Thanks for stepping up to the plate and continuing the Club! You have BIG shoes to fill, but I'm confident you can do it!

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We want to add our warm congrats to Terry Raymond as well! Thanks for heading up the Alabama Cruiser gang. Also, we want to give a big THANKS to Rhonda (=HipCat) for what she has done over the past few years!

Congrats to you Terry for taking on this BIG job. I have seen what Beverly and Rhonda did with there annual cruise and am sure you will be successful with it also. Best of luck.
Thanks. It's going to be a fun challenge. I know Rhonda will be there for help and guidance.

Congrats Terry,
I know you will do a super job. Thanks again for starting this forum. I will have to make it down Bama way for your next event, Mickey
CONGRATULATIONS to Terry... and Best of Luck to him with his new position as Alabama Cruisers Director! I am sure he will do you all proud and then some. Sounds like Terry and Rhonda will make a good team!
Great new assignment for Terry! Good Luck and keep PT between the lines!

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