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I am looking to meet up with some pt owners in GA i live in cartersville ga i own a 02 srt4 acr stage 3 swapped pt it makes 627whp and all i see around here is civics and sti's where my pt's at lol hmu im in the service so it hard for me to get to gatlinburg or any of the other events and maybe we can have a cruise in P.S. I also have hard pipes msd coils and wires gauges for piller and nos kits and do tuning for pts

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Hey.... JT, I would like to go a little faster. Right now all I have is a K&L cold air intake, throtile body spacer and high perfrom. spark plugs. Mid range, I fly.But I'd like to be a little faster on the take off , with out killing motor mounts or the tran. Any way I'll be geting back to you on this later.  Ride Safe     

Yeah tell me how many miles on the motor non turbo or turbo and if I could get a pic of your engine bay

Where is Cartersville? 

Cartersville is about 45 min to a hour from Atlanta I was born in Jacksonville wish I was there but I'm tryin to get so pts to have a cruise in or mountain ride with there's great streets in the mountain here      Here is a link to a show in Georgia.

Would like to see pics of this Neon power plant.  Having a hard time fathoming the 627whp without a dyno or engine pic.

It's 787 now send me a email and I'll send u pics and a vid

JT--------Make plan to come to Jacksonville for Cruisers at the Landing, May 10-12.  The PTers from the Atlanta area are coming.  Check it out under events.

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