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Dear Friends, I was advised to join a PT network to get some advice on mechanical issues with my PT. I am having an overheating problem and I have been having it for about 2 years. I know, I sounds like a long time but during that time, I have been taking it to get fixed over and over again. I have a 2001 PT Cruiser Limited Edition. Since it has started to overheat, I have put in a new Water Pump, 2 thermostats, 5 radiator caps, replaced all of the hoses, low fan module, cleaned out between the radiators in the front, pressure washed the radiator, had the radiator checked for leaks, had the engine checked for a head gasket, flushed my radiator, had my timing belt it is back in the shop again because the coolant is getting so hot that I am losing it through the overflow or the overflow! When it hits my engine it looks like my car is on fire but it is only steam. I am losing coolant with no leaks...ANYWHERE...does anyone have any idea what is going on? I do not want to get rid of the car because I love the uniqueness of the style and this car can do just about anything! Please help!

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With everything you have done I wonder if it is possible that somehow the fan is shutting off due to a electrical problem. Just a thought.

When you say "low fan module", do you mean low speed radiator fan relay?  The relays rarely go bad, it's the brushes on the fan motor that actually wear out well before the typical 100,000 mile mark.  Did anyone check to see that the fan actually works at both low and high speeds?  When your coolant is overflowing, did anyone lift the hood to see that the fan is working?  The good news is a new fan is less than $100 mail order, $200 at a local auto parts store or $$$? from a mechanic.  It only takes about 1/2 hour for a complete amateur to replace and a lot less for a pro.

Before throwing any more money at it, make sure that what's being replaced was actually faulty to begin with.

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