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Hey guys... any one else experience this?

I'm not sure if it is the aftermath of driving over top of someones exhaust that fell off on the road or not... had no idea it was there until it was too late because I was behind a big truck which easily cleared the exhaust pipe... But I feel like that hit the left side up front and it made a loud noise.. when I got home I didn't see any parts hanging off the bottom of the car so I continued driving... the issues I am having are on the right side up front and when I reverse.

When I back up without my foot on the brake it really just sounds like a baby crying.  Foot applied to brake the noise stops and the car stops.  Now ever since I had the car day one it would make a slight screech noise.  I was assured that was a PT thing.  Now whenever I made left turns or turn the steering wheel slightly to the left when the car is in drive and moving it makes a strange squeek almost like a rubbing rattle sound.  It is not difficult to turn.  I fixed the power steering fluid hose that was leaking.  No sounds when I turn right.  It only does this when the car is moving if I am idle the noise doesn't happen.

Any ideas?  I told my friend mechanic about it... just trying to get an idea at what needs replacing.

My brakes are still responding and stopping like they usually do.  And if I do decide to go ahead and replace my brake pads and what not... any recommendations on a QUIET brand/model?  Or is it just the way the car is designed that it will always squeak/screech.  I know it really screeches when its wet out.. but I heard all these noises on a dry day.

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I do get a brake noise when I haven't driven the car for some time but it goes away in a short distance. Ceramic brake pads are the way to go. It will almost eliminate the brake dust. As for the noise you may have bent the backing plate and maybe thats the noise you hear. Let us know what you find.
Yeah seems to me like the ceramic brakes are the way to go too, good advice Gordon, the backing plate may be bent, or it could be that the brake anti rattle clip is installed incorrectly or missing alltogether that makes you hear all the brake noise. The reverse problem is probably either the backing plate or you have some bad rear bushings.
Well today it didn't make the noise when I was backing out of the drive.

Tomorrow it is getting an oil change, tune up, and brake work. We will see if that eliminates the issue. My car does have this other rattle... but that isn't what I'm hearing. So maybe if the front brakes are replaced all will be silent or at least back to its old ways. I feel like it is from me running over that exhaust pipe in the road... The car is driveable just has a minor noise that apparently only the driver can hear. My passenger thought I was crazy.. I'm like can you hear it now?! And they said No... So we will see what my mechanic friend finds when he does the above items.
Well it turns out my driver side up front was completely out of brakes! I wore it all the way down and the squealer broke off! The car still seemed to have brakes since it would stop... Ha.

So it got an oil change, tune up, and new brakes up front! Feels brand new! No more noise!

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