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Good Evening Members,


I have just learned, that Mary Koch ("Mickey") one of our PT Cruiser Network Members passed away in her sleep on December 25th... after a long and inspirational battle with cancer.

I am sending Heartfelt Sympathy and Comforting Prayers to Mary's family and all those who are missing Mary now.  I am sure that Mary has gone to join Larry (her love, who also succumb to cancer in 2009) in that Grand PT Cruiser Show in the sky.

Mary fought the good fight here on earth, and now she has left God take the wheel and drive her home to Larry's waiting arms.

Rest In Peace Mary... your gentle soul and warm friendship shall be missed.


Gary "TAZ" McCullough




Mary's beloved PT Cruiser ~ "Pete'


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RIP Mickey.

RIP Mary,  my thoughts & prayers go out to your family.  You will be missed greatly.

Gary, thanks for posting this.  Mary touched a lot of people's hearts while she was supporting her soulmate Larry who passed away from Cancer in 2009.  They had met through their PT Cruisers and it truly was a touching and heartbreaking story.  When she was diagnosed last year, she rallied around all of her "cancer buddies" and made them laugh, and shared her stories and cared and supported them in their battle.  Although I had never met her, we kept in constant contact through emails and cancer networks...gosh she was "something else". and I am gonna miss her.  Going to miss her strength, her courage, and her inspriational messages.  She was very comfortable with her Lord and I know she is resting with him now.  And of course...the ultimate road trip with her Larry who was waiting for her at the gates....cruisin Heaven's highways...sincerest condolences to her family and all who knew and loved her.

Trisha... you so captured Mary's essence in your comments.  Mary was a beautiful soul, that anyone who had contact with her could tell immediately...even if only through a website like ours.

I had the pleasure of meeting Larry and Mary back in 2008 at a couple different meets down Arizona way after talking on a forum.Both  made one Sweet Couple!!Mary along with Larry  always had a smile and a big hug!!

Both now Cruising the Golden Hi Way in the Sky

Sorry to get the news about Mickey. She was a straight forward PT'er with a big heart and alot to say. She will be missed.

She was one of my first PT friends on the network. RIP !

May Mary rest in peace.....

Was lucky enough to meet Mary at the MWR in Oklahoma in 2007. What a great lady. I shed a tear for you Mary. Rest in peace.

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