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Well I finally parted ways with my longtime friend.  It was a long and joyful ride and met a lot of wonderful people along the way.  My "friend" has found a new home in Pennsylvania and should bring more years of joy to the new owners.  Thank you to all the friends I have met over the years and we will be seeing you at some of the shows down the road.

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I have one word... Why??

I bought it new in Dec. 2000.  After years of modifying, I ran out of things to do to it.  I only use it from April til November each year.  The rest of the time it sits in my garage, it's not a daily driver.  The couple I sold it to I've known for years and are members in our club (COG).  I had a good run with it and like everything, it was time for a change.  Even though you love your PT, someday you'll get rid of it too.  My someday was Tuesday.  Hope you have as much fun over the years with your car as I've had.

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