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We already have several special color groups (such as Seamist, Cool Vanilla, Silver), and I think it would be neat to see groups for all the more unusual colors. Why not a Two-Tone Group and a Special Edition (Gold, Tangerine, etc). At one time I thought it would be fun to have a Rare Colors PT website--and this could be it! There are many colors that were only made for one year or less, such as my Seamist (4 months), and I think all of us with those colors think we have something unique. So, I hope to see more interesting groups in the future. I'm really enjoying this site and check it almost every day. Besides getting to meet other PT folk, it's a great way to know what shows are coming up. Thanks to Terry for starting this site! Carol

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Black is Beautiful is open for business, It has been for a month or so, I'm not limiting this group to only Black Cruisers,Even though we know they are the hardest to keep clean LOL!, Everyone's welcome to join, stop by and share your Dirty Little Cruiser Clean up Secrets , So far Ultra Luster is the number one, Cleaning Secret, please feel free to stop by and join, got a good product for us to try, add a discussion or just reply and tell us Special thanks to Terry for creating this great place for Cruisers to Unite, Happy Cruisin' Gary

Nice shine on your car, who makes "Ultra Luster"
It is unusual. When I was to my parents at Christmas we saw one on a dealer used car lot. It had been a demo or a lease. Last I checked the web-site it was still available. This was in Marion IN. Let me know if you want more details.

empty nester - Tes said:
I like the idea, does anyone know how to find out how many PT's of a certain color were made, or where to look for the info. I have a 07 pastel yellow convertable. Black top. I know we had a devil of a time just trying to find one and traveled some distance to pick it up. So it goes to figure that maybe not many were made? Can anyone help me?
Bama Dreamer, Ever seen the Inca Gold one that has cats on it? When she shows it, she puts a big pair of ears and a tail on it! Last year it even purred!
BamaDreamer1520 aka Wim deGroot said:
goldenturtle said:
Sounds like a cool idea.... any other Dreamer ! out there??? Kinda hard to be anonymus with a bright Inca gold Cruiser!

You can say that again: Go......Inca Gold!

About the Inca Gold with cat eyes--that's GOLDCAT owned by Sylvia Bauer from Kansas. I saw her car at the '05 St. Louis show--with ears, tail, and purr. Since I love cats, I really enjoyed seeing her car! I believe her car was shown in the PT magazine or on one of the calendars. Glad to hear she's still showing it.

Also, someone in one of our local clubs (NCPTC) has a sunset seascape on his Inca Gold's rear hatch and even a small scene on the gas cap. It's a gorgeous car; license plate is PT GOLD.
The Deep Cranberry was one of the orginial colors I have a 2001Cranberry Limited. Put it next to purple and you will see a big difference.

Noel Mauricio said:
.....Now that you mention it, my Cruiser is a Deep Cranberry (that's the technical term- I call it just plain purple). From what I understand, that color only came out in '03, which is our year, and has been effectively deleted from the list of official colors, although we did get our hands on some touch up paint from the local dealer.
Yes, Inca Gold has to be the prettiest color yet. I am a bit biased however.

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