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I have a strange clunk I get when making a left turn. It usually only happens when I have more than myself in the car. I've jacked up the front of the car and checked the wheels and they seem to be ok. Nothing loose, steering tight, etc. I'm wondering if this is the front stabilizer. Any ideas out there?

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I just recently changed my left axle. It never made the typical "clicking" that everyone associates with a cv axle going bad. It did start making a noise at certain speeds on the road. The car had also developed horrible torque steer. When I pulled the axle the outer rubber was torn pretty bad and someone tried patching it with rtv silicone. The inner rubber looked good but after the axle was out the shaft pretty much just fell apart. I cut the rubber and there was no grease left in there at all. Now with the new axle no noise on the road and no torque steer. I know this was long. I just wanted to point out that even if the axle is not making the usual noises don't rule it out.
Thanks. I'll probably be bringing it into the dealer if it is not something simple, since I still have about 6,000 miles left on the warranty. From experience, things that only happen sometimes, never happen at the dealers. And the dealer will sometimes guess what it might be. Hopefully, it will be something easy.

Hello again Terry. I don't know if you are still going "clunk" in the night, but have you had your lower control arms checked out??? Steve and I and most members of the Alberta PT Cruiser Club, all years....have had issues with them and had to have them replaced. My 04 was still under warranty when they went. (thank goodness) and Steve's was just last year. Just a thought. talk to you soon....Trisha

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