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Walter "PerplHze" Ogiejko passed away on Jan. 17, 2009.

I want to acknowledge and recognize Walter for being a constant voice of support and good PT friendship. Thanks for the words of support Walter and thanks for being a good PT internet friend. Your presence has already been missed, I wondered why your Perplhze wasn't popping up anywhere.
My deepest sympathy and heartfelt saddness to his wife Yasha and his entire family and PT Friends.
Cruise on Walter and tell Cappy hello for us all.

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So sorry to hear we lost another friend in our PTC community. I knew Walter from the forums and we got to chat a couple of evenings. Quite often active people on the forums stop posting for a while due to life getting in the way, but you never think it could be that they passed away. For those who may not have come across PerplHze, here is his page.

The golden streets of heaven now have some deep purple cranberry cruisin' around. Keep on cruisin' Walter.
WE'll miss that freindly smile and welcoming voice, thanks Walter, you showed us what the FAMILY really means, Cruise on my freind cruise on. Bruce
So sad to hear of another loss! Please know my thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends!!
So sorry to hear this news. :( Sincere condolences to his family.
So sorry to hear of the news and our prayers will be with the family at this time.

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