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PT Cruiser Network

Been in WI since June of 2009 - found one person that uses their PT for other than daily driver!!!  We have quite a group of people on here - thanks for responding!

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Jacksonville, Florida
Home of the (not so good) Jacksonville Jaquars & First Coast PT Cruisers.
From Lumberton, NC. Reside in Roanoke, VA now.
HI I am in the Richmond Va area,
State of Confusion
Hi Mike is from Bronx New York and Ginny is from Vermont
New Castle, Delaware. Born in Brooklyn NY
Snellville Ga."Where Everybody Is Somebody" Via San Francisco Ca.
Born and raised in Houston TX, now living in Missoula,MT.
I am from Smithtown, NY.
Pensacola, Florida. We need a club in this part of the state. :)
Manitowoc WI.
let me know what shows are coming up if you can send me a list. That would be awesome...!

Don "Duck" Kohlbeck said:
Manitowoc WI.

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