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Christmas Story of course. I'll watch it at least 3 times tomorrow. Favorite parts in the movie........Ralphie getting his mouth washed out with soap, shooting the crooks with his "Red Rider" BB gun, and of course the fathers "Leg Lamp". A true classic that will go on forever.


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That has to be mine also. Believe it or not, our Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery had "A Christmas Story" as their Christmas play this year, but I could not get to see it.
Christmas Vacation !!!
The Christmas Story.
I like the classic White Christmas. Always thought Rosemary Clooney was hot.
very favorite would have to be christmas vacation. usually watch it at least twice during christmas.
"Scrooge: A Christmas Carol"... the 1951 Alistair Sims version. Classic story done sooooooo many times, but this version is a Christmas Eve tradition for me. Hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas!
A Christmas Story! My wfe has a copy of a Christmas Carol, with George C. Scott that I really enjoy too!

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