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I was active duty when this came into being.  I was appalled when the policy took affect.  I had several close friends who had admitted to me they were gay/lesbian.  At the time I felt my friends and those like them were bound and gagged.  Now that it has been abolished I have come to realize maybe we are doing them an injustice.  I am just afraid that when it is public knowledge they can be harmed or messed with.  I know it was that way before but I feel that it may make it worse.

I still feel gender or sexual orientation should never matter in the military.  If you can do the job and do it in an excellent way, then why not?  Who cares that you are female or gay/lesbian?  Like I said I knew too many that were great Airmen.

It takes a special person to raise your right arm and swear allegiance to protect and defend our country.  The military is not for everybody.  (If you were ever a supe or a trainer, then you know what I mean.) Being a great troop has nothing to do with gender or sexual orientation.

Now it is your turn.  Let us know how you feel.

Please remember ones opinion is their own and has nothing to do with PT Cruiser Network, Military Cruisers, Any branch of the Military, or any affiliates.  Please remember to respect others!  No Flaming or foul language will be accepted.

Thank you

I personally don't understand why anyone's sexual behavior should affect them whether civilian or military.  I could give a poop less if someone's straight or gay.  I grew up in Dallas, TX, and while coming up as a kid, I had friends of all colors, races, religions, creeds, and sexual preferences.  I'm a big white guy, 6'2" 300 lb, and growing up in Dallas you were taught to accept everyone as an equal, unless they proved otherwise.  I dated girls of various races, color didn't matter to me, they were all beautiful so what would stop me from dating them?  My best friend, for over 30 years now, is flamingly gay!  I love him like a brother, and don't care what his sexual preferences are.  I don't partake or participate, because I'm hetero, but I could give a fart less what his disposition is. He's an incredibly nice guy and has always been that way. Heck, the guy's a friggin PhD!!!!  He's way smarter than me, I'm a lumbering geek who, when I entered the USAF, was 6'1" and 165 pounds, looked like a human q-tip.  Mass of fuzzy almost afro hair, and skinny as a rail.

After one year in the service, I was 6'2" and 205!  Yes, 5 to 6 days a week in the gym.  Had always been picked on as a kid, bullied, because I didn't feel fighting was the correct thing to do. Once I got in the service, shaved for the first time, grew muscles, learned to shoot, became a small arms marksman, learned martial arts and boxing, then I found out that I was a natural at fighting.  Being an idiot at the time, we'd go to a bar, I'd get drunk, someone would say something stupid about us being Air Farce, and I'd pound the daylights out of them!  Spent way too many days in the lock-up, the brig, the base jail.  Idiot I was.  But after I got out of the service, I was taught some lifelong lessons about fighting, and have not been involved in one in many, many years.

Now, let's compare that to a guy who is admittedly gay, but follows the rules and regulations, and offers up an intelligent, militaristic attitude.  Between the two of us, on paper, who should be promoted first?  Shoot, not me!  I had a LT who was a Staff Sgt before the helicopter hostage incident in Iran (he was on one of the choppers that went down), he came back with bars on his shoulders from working with special forces, saved some lives by getting men out of the chopper that went down.  He was an insanely intelligent man, and so very cool.  And one day I bumped into him off base at a friends house, and he was there with his male partner.  Whoops, the guy almost cried, begging me not to turn him in!  I held his hand for a moment, then gently pressed him back next to his partner.  I looked him in the eyes and told him, "I am honored to be in the same unit as you.  I am honored to call you LT.  You are a kind, intelligent and brave Airman.  It is an honor to meet your friend, and I wish you both the very best!".  Guy gave me a huge hug and I told him that his personal life was his business, and if we were to go to war I'd swear that I had his back!  That I would take a bullet for my leader, that as an Officer he deserved my respect, but as a hero from Iran my respect was given freely.  What the heck do I care if the guy would prefer sleeping with another guy versus a woman?  Not my business, I love my wife and if someone decides they love someone of their own sexual disposition, that's on them and I don't judge them for that.




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