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Listen Up!!!

 If you were in or currently in the military.  Dose not matter what branch we are a team you know!!!

 If you are a family member of a current or past military member!!!

 And you happen to own or have owned or want to own one of the best darn rootin tootin cars known as PT Cruiser...

 I give you an order to join this group!!

 If you refuse then 50 extra push-ups and 3 weeks KP!!!

 Do I make myself clear?!  I can't hear you!!! Do I make myself clear?!!

   Pappy over and out!!

Location: Where ever our guys & gals served or currently serving.
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Glad you joined our group.  Please come in and introduce yourself.  Tell us what branch and for how long.  Lets support each other and those who still serve.

I want all to know I am a huge supporter of military families.  I know my family suffered while I was in.  I know they sacrificed tons for me to be able to do my job.  So I want to make sure we include family members as well

Thank you

SSgt Darryl (Pappy) Root USAF Ret

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Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy in the Military

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Prayer List Of Our Boys & Girls Serving Our Country

Started by Darryl J. Root (Pappy). Last reply by Silver Eagle Apr 11, 2012. 1 Reply

I have noticed several of us have children serving and are about to leave or are serving overseas.comment below with their names so that the rest of us can add them to our daily prayers.  If you get…Continue

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Comment by Chromenut on May 1, 2012 at 11:37pm

Some pics from my service days -83rd TCF:

Saudi in '80:

Comment by Chromenut on May 1, 2012 at 11:22pm

USAF 83rd TCF, Forward Air Control Post, Wideband aka Radio Relay Repairman, also Combat Controller.  Jumped out of too many good airplanes.  Started assignment at Keesler AFB when my first assignment was cancelled (last surviving male and was assigned a hazardous duty location so they cancelled it), taught AN/TRC-97A MW deployment and maintenance. Then assigned temporarily to a small unit that was an all-forces team. Entered South Africa as an observation post monitoring Idi Amin's behavior while special forces were attempting to take him out. Then on to Davis-Monthan AFB with 83rd TCF.  Saudi for Elf One, time in Al Jubail, Dhahran, and Riyadh.  Spent lots of time in Dammam playing around, and flying out every Thursday to Bahrain to maintain the microwave hops.  Unit was decommissioned in '83 and given Presidential Outstanding Unit Award, and we were given our choice of assignments, so I picked Monte Limbara, Sardinia.  Mountaintop site in the middle of the Mediterranean, lots of mw and tropo along with AFRTS relay sites. Ended up my last assignment at Dyess AFB, Abilene, TX, doing BISS - Base Installation Security Systems.  We redesigned the WSA security systems, flightline security for B52's and the new (at that time) B1B's.

Fabulous time in the military. Trained in Fort Hood with Rangers, then at 29 Stumps with the Marines.  Then assigned temp duty on a sub-tender that is how I ended up in Sardinia, it was going on a resupply mission to La Maddalena, bouncing from there to Palau and Santo Stefanos.  If I had it all to do over again, I'd do the exact same things!  So much fun, even when we were in trenches with bullets and tear gas flying, heck of a place to learn life's lessons!!!

Comment by Tony and Carolyn Lombard on April 11, 2012 at 7:08pm

Silver Eagle,  We will keep your son Capt Hew in our payers.  Our Pastor's son left just yesterday to rejoin his unit in Italy and will be going to Afghanistan soon please keep him and all our troop in your prayers.

Comment by Kelly "Basset Mom" Licciardi on April 11, 2012 at 6:55pm

Hello from Florida.

I spent 7 yrs in the US Army Reserves, 301st Field Hospital, 81st ARCOM.

I was a field medic.  I salute all the men & women that have served Or are currently serving here & abroad.

Comment by Silver Eagle on April 10, 2012 at 9:53pm

Our Son Dan is a Capt. In the Army Reserve. he is out of town this week getting ready to leave for Afganistan in August . Hew is a Battalion Commander in a MP unit. He served 10 year active duty in the Navy first..

Comment by Silver Eagle on April 10, 2012 at 9:48pm

Silver Eagle, USMC 2 Feb 1964 to 2 Feb 1968. How many remember what happened on the weekend of 2 Feb 1968?

Comment by Tony and Becky Tomes on April 9, 2012 at 1:27pm

Retired USMC. Disabled and Purple Heart in VietNam in 1967.  Retired as L/Cpl (E3) at the age of 20 after a 10 month stay in the Hospital recovering from 3 gunshot wounds to the left chest and shoulder.

Comment by Darryl J. Root (Pappy) on April 3, 2012 at 6:59pm

I forgot to mention my duty assignments.

Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota; Lowry AFB, Colorado; Osan AB, South Korea, McClellan AFB, California; Beale AFB, California; Gowen Field, Idaho.  E-5 SSgt is as far as I got because of my ex wife getting me into so much darn trouble.  But that is for another post.

Comment by Tony and Carolyn Lombard on April 3, 2012 at 6:17pm

USAF Feb 1975 to August 1995.  Enlisted 7 1/2 year - Computer Programmer cross trained to Site Development (Drafting and Surveying) (78).  OTS 1982 - Computer Systems Development Officer (82-86) - AFROTC Instructor The Ohio State University (86-89) - Back to computers (90-95).

  All state side assignments - Ent/Peterson AFB Colorado Springs, Lowry AFB Denver, Pope AFB Fayetteville, NC, (OTS) back to Peterson AFB, The Ohio State University, Mt Home AFB, Idaho and retired out of Tyndall AFB, FL.

  Bill - My wife is an Air Force bratt and they were at Itazuke/Fukuoka Japan from 65-68

Comment by Scott & Vickie Rigney on April 3, 2012 at 5:30pm

Drafted 1972 Army was sent to Germany because brother already in Viet Nam.

Out in 1974 as a E-5 Sargent. Armor Supply Clerk and The Co's Tank Driver

HHC 1/33rd 3rd Armor Div. Had great time in Army wish I would have made it as my Career. Now work for Army. Army Corp of Eng. Nashville District. Lock and Dam Operator on Tennessee River at Watts Bar.


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