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"Back In The Days" family and friends...

I thought I would start a Blog for Back In The Day stories and pictures. This could include family, friends, work or play...just please keep it clean and to subjects older than the oldest PT Cruisers. (2000)
To see and hear other people's memories, families and friends is peering into the soul. If we need to create Catagories, then so be it.
Hearing stories about where we come from & our life's experiences can also show us how small the world is!!

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Comment by lanette giese on February 16, 2009 at 3:14pm
I might also suggest that since we have SO many experiences in our lives, we might want to put a short list of things we have info, pictures or documentation of on here and then we can request from people lists, things we'd like to see more of. here's my short list: Family history in OK & KS Boat racing- Outboards in OK and some national Offshore fishing in CA Music pre-1990 Hunting and camping in OK & NM I have a story about a 1955 Ford pickup, a birdog named Ike and my Dad. My brother and I heard the story ALL our lives. Dad had a long day bird hunting back in 1958, and he stopped at his favorite BBQ place on the way home. He left Ike (his all-time favorite birdog, who was a small stocky Pointer and was known to eat ANYTHING, including Xmas tree ornments left in the garage too long! ) in the truck, and sat eating his BBQ. A guy came thru the front door, announcing that a brown and white birdog was running around the parking lot. The owner and cook ask my Dad "Jesse, isn't your dog out there?"...Dad said with confidence that HIS dog was locked up in the truck with the window cracked. The man that had walked in the door, smiled at Dad and replied "Well, since your WINDOW is broke on that '55 out there, I'd say that's your dog!" and sat down to order his lunch. Dad got up and opened the door, to find his favorite dog in the whole world, sitting by the door. Ike had indeed broken the passenger glass, just enough to escape the confines of the truck. Dad put him back in the truck and made the long noisy drive back to town. 38 years later, a man walked into my Dad's boat shop in 1994. He was the guy that had lived next door to us, till we moved in 1960. He told my Dad he had a snapshot of his little blonde daughter Cindy, my brother and I out in front of the house before we pulled away, the day we moved. My Dad took the snapshot from him, put his reading glasses and held the picture in the air and Said "AH!! At last, I have PROOF!!! The man looked at Dad funny, and Dad gladfully pointed out the window on that old '55....

Dad directly went down to Kinko's and made my brother and I both a 5 X 7 of the old picture. What a laugh we had about the old dog Ike, that would eat anything...and the man that loved him enough not to even whip him for breaking that window.



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