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I am writing this after reading the letter that was sent to the BUS group in OHIO. We love our PTs and have gotten a LOT of attention with them. I would hope Chrysler sould continue to make them.
I have so much chrome on my car, chrome wheels, and my husband's has a lot too. I also have the windows etched and painted, underca multi-color lights, and painted pinstriping on hood and taligate. Inside I have a lot of chrome, and embroidered door inserts.
We LOVE our PTs and everywhere we go there are people staring at my car and saying they want one, especially that SEAMIST like ours. It should have been brought back.
There are more and more PTs in our area and almost all of them have handicap placards. They are the easiest car to get in and out of. Especially for those of us who have disabilities. It is a true fact. Other SUV and bigger vehicles are harder on the knees making it harder to get in and out of.
I would HATE to see Chrysler discontinue these great BABY BOOMBER cars. More of us need them in the near future. I have never enjoyed a car like I do my PT! It is so awesome. I have told my husband I want buried in it because I have made it my own creation and I don't want anyone else to have it. It is a part of me, and since I never had children this is my baby and I love to spoil it.

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Comment by Trisha McFadden on January 21, 2009 at 3:35pm
OOOOH Yeah!!! TWO SEAMIST CRUISERS!!!! wow oh wow...Glad to see you on board your notes...laughing out loud at the being buried in it part...I've said the same thing...can hardly wait to see your photos..and as Carol said, please check out the group 2 PT's better than one...and also the seamist group....when you get settled in.
Cruz safely...stay warm...check us out...hope to meet you both in person one day...cheers...trisha mcfadden



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