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I recently had to change my email address (thanks to my provider), so now when I log in I'm given a choice between the two. I don't see any way to delete the old address. Is there a way??


Also, I would like to remove some of my older photos from my page, but I don't see any way to do that. Is that possible??

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To change your email address go to your "My Page" and click on "My Settings". There you can change your email address. Not sure that will get rid of what you want but maybe.

To delete photos go to your "My Page" and under My Photo's click "view all" and then select the photo your want to delete and select delete.

Hope this helps.

Some extra info on deleting photos... you can click on 'photos', then click on 'my photos', which will bring up all of your photos which you have added.  At this point, click on a photo you wish to delete, and when that photo is brought up, at the upper right side of photo, you will see an icon for 'options'... click on that icon, and a small box will drop down, which is where you will find the 'delete photo' option.  Click on 'delete photo', and a box will pop up asking if you are sure you want to delete the photo.  Click 'OK' and photo is gone from your collection.


Thanks for your question, I am sure many members were wondering the same thing!





cant change my profile picture

Frank. Go to your page and put the cursor on your photo. You will then see just above it where you can click and change your photo.

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