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I would like to start discussions on helpful hints. If you know something that others may be interested in please let this be place to let us know. This may help some of you as it did me save money. If your "Check Engine" Light is on and you don't know why, you could take it to Chrysler Dealership and they would charge you $88.00 just to tell you why it is on. But if you won't to save money you could go to any Auto Zone or Advance Auto store and they can check it and give you a Print-Out of probable causes for free. You can then go through the list of 4 or so causes yourself and still come out cheaper. I hope this helps someone.

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The little things I did anyone can do if they know how to open the hood. Oldcoach I did not disconnect the battery but I will try that. Right now I have another problem, I think the hose busted on the power steering all the fluid run out. Maybe caused by the dead Deer I ran over in Dec. So It is parked right now until I get that fixed. I hope I can do that myself. I don't think I can drive it with no power steering.

Retro said:
How hard is it to do these thingys yourself? Is this something I could do? Well, scratch that, but something my husband could do?

Oldcoach said:
Gerry, did you disconnect the battery to clear the code after your fixes?

Gerry DC said:
Well, So far I changed #4 plug, bought new gas cap, bought new plug wires, put fuel injection cleaner in, but my check engine light "Remains." Any more ideas? It is running pretty good. New wires did make a noticable difference. my tip; If you have 80,000 miles get new wires and it will run better.
Well I am going to try to disconnect the battery and see if that resets the code and if not I will take it to dealer. But right now I have another problem. I was coming out my driveway. stop to check mail when all the fluid from the power steering ran out. I am guessing the hose busted. I ran over a dead deer in DEC. maybe happen then. I can't drive it until I get that fixed.

Silver Eagle said:
Last Summer we were flying down I 95 when the Eagle started missing a little ,then it started to get worse.We pulled over to the right lane and but then the Eagle was cutting off about that time, the check engine light came on and the engine shut down. We sat on the side of the interstate just in front of the last exit before getting on to the Baltimore tunnel ramp. It started up after sitting there for about 10 minutes but we thought it would be safer to have the pt taken to a Chrysler Dealer in Towson MD. It was a Mapp Sensor that went bad. We didn't have time to look for codes. The next morning around 10 am we were back on the road again. Since we had the sensor my gas mileage has really jumped up on a trip. We were getting in the low 20's, now we get around 30 or so higher.
Well I finally got it fixed. the Code p304 misfire in #4 turned out to be a blown valve gasket in the #4 cylinder. It cost me $245.00 but I thought that was reasonable. Place is called KARZ off the Griffeth Road in Winston Salem, NC He used to be a mechanic for Modern Chevrolet. He said it had nothing to do with the way I drove, just crappy stuff they made the gasket out of. He also said the new Gasket had been redesigned so they must have had problems with the old design. Maybe this can save someone the trouble if you get a rough idle this could be the cause.
Something I learned a long time ago is to ask the PT community for help when you have a problem.Lord knows it saved me a motherload of grief because there is always someone out there with the answer

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