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Former member, coming back after about 3-4 years doing the Dodge Challenger thing.

Was getting too aggressive driving, and worn out from the car show scene.

So, I am selling the Dodge Challenger SRT 8 show car, and going back to a PT Cruiser as my Day Driver.

I picked up a used Cruiser in CA that was one of Ray Newton's early projects.

So, it already had the Pteazer Bumperette and Roadstar grill.

I have put on an oval retro back window and KDB Rollpan, to make her look more Retro.

But...the big project was buying Denny in NC's panel kit and completing all that body work to convert her into a Panel PT.

This is my 6th PT Cruiser!

Here is a pic of the Dodge Challenger I am selling!

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WELCOME BACK to the PT Lifestyle! Your PT panel van conversion is gorgeous and your Challenger that you are selling is AWESOME!

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