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He was quite often the joker, but always the southern gentleman of the forums. It was January 10, 2008, when the sad news hit the forums all over the internet that Doug passed away.

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I thought I would add that Doug's wife Sharon picked up the torch from Doug and carried on with their PT. Here is a recent image showing a recent mod. Great look Sharon!

Gone but not forgotten!!

Sleep My Brother ,Peace be with You.
Now Cruising the Golden Hiway

Mikie from Milwaukie

"Keep On Cruisin""
Doug was one of the good guys. A true friend.
Doug is missed...he was a great guy.
I never met Doug, or even was in the same state as he and Sharon....but he's DEFINATELY one of the good guys! He'll not be forgotten, and he will always be one of the long running Cruisers that was around everywhere!
The AUCRUZR was a familuar sight around the forums and I really wish I would have had the pleasure to meet him and you too Sharon.
Keeping DATORCH rolling is probably one of the most tender and heartfelt things I've seen in a while. He would be proud, touched and very honored about what has happened since he safe and cruise happy Sharon, you have my big thumbs up!!! Sincerely, Lanette in NM
Doug was one of the kindest people I've ever known, and his sense of humor couldn't be beat. He was a true friend; he always had a listening ear and helpful advice. I miss him very much.

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