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PT Cruiser Network

I realize I am late to the party with this group but have enjoyed looking at the photos and reading what is out there. My 2006 Convertible Touring Edition Turbo and I are in Marion County, FL just outside of Ocala. 

I got the PT just to have a second car in the family and we fell in love with it. I am currently in the (perhaps ongoing) process of repair and replace as well as adding some bling and other things that work for me. Currently that task involves waiting for the PCM replacement.

Fortunately, being under Stay at Home we really don't need to cars for the current time period so in time my Cruiser Boots! will be on the road.

Oh you may wonder, why Boots!?

I am the youth group in my church and we are all very much like family. They know we have a Ford Explorer that we call Dora (for Dora the Explorer). So the kids in my group named the Cruiser Boots!. They explained that Boots in the series was the smaller sidekick to Dora the Explorer. So Boots! it is!

More photos of before and after will be coming when Boots! gets back home.

Thanks again.

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Welcome Boots!

Okieland here!

Loved the 2 verts I had in the past.

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